I do. It’s been awhile since we had a relationship but we used to. A long time ago. I certainly was much more impressionable then. I mean after all I was just a small child. But Jesus and I had it going on really. I believed in him and felt him in my heart all the time.

And it was good.

I still hear about him a lot. Well lots of folks speak about him. In his name, they say. On the TV, you know. They mostly talk about all the things they know Jesus would disapprove of, like contraception, gay marriage, abortion, muslims, socialists and their ilk, and all the other supposed evils of this world. The “hot button” issues, right?  And these same people who claim their special relationship with Jesus also say he’s the advocate for their particular brand of morals and values.

But that’s not my Jesus.

My Jesus talked about loving your neighbor as yourself, and focused on the least of us. Nowadays, that’s so not in vogue. I did know that was right though, back when I was small. My Jesus got up on a mountaintop and talked about love and humility, and the salt of the earth- with a lack of pretension.  That’s the Jesus I used to know.  And that I believed I ought to emulate too. Not because otherwise I’d wind up in a burning hell. Or worse, be forced to observe Sharia law. Or any of the other malarkey that goes around in this day and age.

Not because of any of that, but just because of love.


That’s my Jesus. He’s the one.


5 thoughts on “I MISS MY JESUS

  1. This was awesome….had a tear in my eye at the beginning….beautiful tribute to the childhood Jesus…..say, let’s keep him alive this way always, why cant we? I love my Jesus too Pete!
    Wonderful read…thanks for sharing!
    with love

  2. Great post, Pete. I was born a Catholic but not in its real essence because I’m not strictly religious. I’ve always had these burning questions about suffering and injustice and am still at a loss as to how I could reconcile them with every available religion around.
    But in all truthfulness, I have great admiration for people with strong sense of spirituality, and I do envy them for their solid faith and the sense of peace they get to bask for their beliefs.
    And yes, I agree with all of you that God is Love or Jesus is Love.
    That’s how Love (all kinds) got to be so powerful and divine.

    Warm Regards

  3. Thank you for that generous and thoughtful comment Marj I appreciate it. My idea of Jesus now (as an adult at this time in my life) is really all about the words of the Sermon on the Mount. As a writer I think it’s an amazing piece. And as a person it’s a “dogma” I try to incorporate and think about in my life.

    I’m of the opinion one has to believe and hold true to SOMETHING. And I’m doing okay with that personally haha 🙂

    Thanks again!

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