You make me wanna
Look in my hat
And read the golden plates

You make me wanna
Run down the street
And yell “life is good”!

You make me wanna
Welcome any challenge
And embrace it fully

And know that it’s right

You make me wanna let out a cackle
When you shyly say “fuck”
But need to say “fuckety-fuck-fuck”

For emphasis

You make me wanna
Stretch and dream
And move and claim

What’s good and mine
And dead ahead
No matter how it turns out

The going bests the getting

Oh, Jane.


4 thoughts on “OH, JANE

  1. ‘OH, PETE’ – This post makes me wanna change my name to ‘Jane’!!  (Plus, I’ve recorded in my journal your concluding words, “…The going bests the getting”).

  2. My name is J-A-N-E and I’m in a P-O-E-M (this is a clever reference to the COPD med commercial). You know what they say, Pete, behind every great man is a great woman. 🙂

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