A friend thanked me for not “enabling” him. We discussed how so often in life we get caught up in what we’re doing, and the past rears its ugly head. Mistakes and heartache well up. Regret and pain. It does, right? We’re often demoralized.

Held back.

This casual thank you came during a time of me helping him out. Not major help mind you, but apparently just enough. The thank you was for lifting him up and being encouraging. It was for having high expectations and believing in him. And for not putting up with his shit!

Or holding his hand.

Empowerment. Get out and go do it. Note to self really. But you’ve done it before and will again. If you need a kick in the ass let me know! I hope you’d do the same for me.

Let’s be better.


7 thoughts on “EMPOWERMENT

  1. We never know when something we say to or do for someone will make an important difference. You’re a good friend, Pete.

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