i’d walk up a hillside of daffodils
and get down on my knees
and pick whatever strikes me as perfect

like you are

i’d hike the trail to the creek
that winds deep through the woods
where beside me i still hear your footsteps

you were here
i can feel you
on the trail
i still hear you
with each stride
every step
that i take

i’d run the race to the finish
which would never diminish
your footsteps here right next to me.


14 thoughts on “FOOTSTEPS

  1. Aw thanks Pete. Judging by Trent’s reaction I am the second person you’ve made all daffodilly. 😉 At the risk of having my fingers chopped off, I wonder ihow the poem would read if you pruned the last two stanza’s into one tercet. And maybe finished with an end stopped line?

  2. I love daffodils, especially white ones. Masses and masses of them. You’ve conjured a lovely image for me this grey and gloomy morning. Thanks 🙂

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