too serious
and big
and important
i am

too urgent
and dire
it’s dissonance
i got

the smallest speck
not even a pebble in the ocean
not even a pinhead in a haystack
not even a millisecond
in a twenty-four hour day
not even enough to ever
bring it up again
especially in polite company
i’m only a speck.


17 thoughts on “SPECK

      • It’s spelled “cheque” dude. You Americans!

        I don’t really care for the honour, to be honest (I know that sounds bad, but it’s how I feel), I care about writing better and better and better until my head pops from the exertion. I’m halfways there, I figure. Got so much to say. I figure you know that feeling well.

      • haha it is so NOT spelled “cheque” wtf is all that?

        I know exactly how you feel, me too. But it is an honor because a panel deliberately chose you out of however many others. That rocks!

        I’ve been happy to be short listed but it’s a harrowing experience.

      • Dude, that’s how we spell it!

        Yeah I know it’s an honour and I don’t want to sound ungrateful. But I wrote that story in an hour in a coffee shop and submitted it on a lark. I can do way better, I know I can. If anything, the experience made me think about actually getting off my ass and being serious about things. I love to write (I know you do too), may as well actually adopt the label instead of calling it a hobby all the time.

      • “instead of calling it a hobby” yes PLEASE.

        Knowing you have better in your is what it’s all about. I drive myself pretty hard and it’s worth it.

      • I know. Just still in that corporate dementia world that confuses the value of what really matters. I figure you’ve been through that and actually escaped.

  1. And, you, my Friend, Are a “Man of Honor” – (Plus, the Many of us, your Charlottesville Friends & Neighbors, know you as Much More than a ‘Speck’)!

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