Where I live ponds interconnect all around
I can’t imagine coming home
and putting my key in the door 
and not hearing geese squawk overhead

Meadows, rolling hills and forests make up this landscape
and one could think the busy world is an illusion
while this is not

Who’s to say?

Solitude takes you in its arms and cradles
and caresses
and invites you to stay
right here where you’re a part
and aren’t asked to fit in

You fit

Where you’re asked to walk and explore
and discover all that’s laid out
and listen and learn
and parse out what you need to

My brother was here the other day
He took the drive from the town where he lives
He asked, “How can you stand all those geese squawking?”
I looked at him long, not knowing how to answer.



18 thoughts on “WHERE I LIVE

  1. Because it’s where you choose to roost? The last stanza has a damping down effect and also leads the reader, imo, to question their own existence.

  2. It can be such a letdown when you realize that something so precious to you is simply an annoyance to another. ‘They who have eyes’ always see things differently, Pete.

  3. Your words describing this idyllic setting are nice, (&, the picture you’ve chosen reminds me of Mary Oliver’s “Wild Geese” poem).

  4. By my mom’s house, it’s not only geese squawking, it’s their droppings everywhere, not to mention that she lives right next to O’Hare airport. Try tuning out those birds! Nice poem about the solitude. I felt it, and needed it today. 🙂 I guess some people just don’t get how nature includes you in its silent order.

  5. I cherish the infrequent voice of geese where I am, must be satisfied with gulls crying–I’m grateful for them.

  6. At sunset when the geese vee across the sun, the squawking is a harmony.
    In neon light when voices talk over each other, when everyone speaks and
    no one listens, I hear a monstrous cacophony. I really love this poem, and
    the picture! I have enjoyed reading the poetry on your blog this morning.
    It is insightful and lovely. This one really knocks my sox off!

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