needs and wants
and strong desires
more is all
my life requires
wanting needing
all the time and
slaving craving
seems that i
am on a quest
for what i need
to fill this hole
too much to feed
it never ends
the reaching out
for something else
can’t do without
this thirst and hunger
every day
“i want it now”
is what i say
again i’m in for such a shock
cause i remember
and take stock
that life is simply not about
more lusting
just to fill my doubt
of how to live
and how to be
to yearn and yen
won’t placate me.


16 thoughts on “YEARN

  1. I can relate. It’s a double-edged sword isn’t it? On the one hand “wanting” is good because it gets us off our asses and gives us goals and dreams. And on the other, when you can never seem to be satisfied, or enough is never enough, it’s bad and negative and greedy. We humans are really complex characters, aren’t we?

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