Are you a professional blogger? What does that even mean? Nowadays it’s hard to say. I can’t help but ask as I sit here celebrating my two-year anniversary on Pop the cork!  Seven-hundred posts later, there’s cause for reflection. Has this behemoth been in vain?

This is the seven-hundredth post.

I’m growing older and wiser and strive daily to not be jaded or cynical. In general. That’s a tough one. isn’t it? Geez. I didn’t start this blog to make money (heaven forbid), and that’s good as I haven’t. Nor did I start needing an audience or notoriety, and that’s good too- no on that! (Well maybe a little).  But I think a “real” professional blogger must make some money and have some audience and notoriety, right?  Luckily, that’s not how I measure my own success. started as a place for me to find a home for my own writing- absolutely self-published as good a place as any. That being said, I’ve retained some innocence, and still have the hope, that someday I’ll know why I do what I do.  And I mean the whole kit and kaboodle.

I really don’t.

In the meantime to those bloggers who feel a need to shake things up and find a new creative outlet and  audience, I’ve got one. To those bloggers who work tirelessly in the virtual blogosphere , let’s get going:

Write for me.

Streetlight Magazine is looking for guest bloggers. Personal essay, poetry, fiction, reviews, interviews, humor, etc. Stretching forms. Up to 500 words. Take a look at the magazine and blog and if you’d like some new real estate to showcase your work, reach out with questions- or better yet, submit! Previously unpublished (other than your own blog). Artwork welcome. I’m a fan of many of you (cue sentimentality)- as we move forward this spring season, let’s grow something together!

It’s true.  I’m growing older and wiser and strive daily to pursue what inspires.

I’m here for you.

Streetlight Magazine

“Streetlight is an online, non-profit magazine dedicated to publishing new and noteworthy works of poetry, fiction, non-fiction and art. The magazine began life as an annual print publication featuring works from central Virginia writers and artists. In 2012 the magazine moved to an online only presence, expanded to quarterly publication and began to accept submissions from across the nation and abroad.

We are especially interested in the discovery of fresh new voices and talents, but always happy to hear from seasoned writers and artists too.

Editorial consideration on all submissions.”


10 thoughts on “KIT AND KABOODLE

  1. Hey Mr. Pete, I just posted a blog about author’s blogging today. Heh. I’ll have to see if I can come up with something to submit. Thanks for sharing this. Would you mind if I shared it with my writer’s group?

  2. Holy crow Pete, 700 posts! Man, that’s awesome, I’m a fraction of that, but you seem to have more creative juices bubbling so I think that makes sense. I’m not here for the money neither. And I don’t solicit an audience, I just read what I like and if people are okay with what they read from me, I’m totally cool with that.

    Never heard of Streetlight, but thanks for sharing the word, that sounds awesome.

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