That lady that power walks with her three dogs yells at them too much. That’s mean. I see her not only walking past my house, but when I’m out and about in other areas of town. She covers a distance! Walking head high with fists up and chest out, her stride is regimented and precise. Her expression determined. You know how you can sense one’s a player? This lady means business and no one’s gonna hold her back.

Let alone dogs.

It’s nice to have my mornings back. It’s the first streak of balmy spring weather, which allows me to be outside first thing- without freezing my ass off! The nights are getting milder and days longer. It’s rejuvenation of the kind that only happens when winter begrudgingly gives way to spring and one feels the wait too long. For you too? That’s when I usually see her. Well I hear her first, the berating. I’ve gestured hello a couple of times and smiled too and after many months of her regularly seeing my fat face, I now get intermittent sidewise smiles, albeit accompanied by some sketchy eye contact. Forced? Maybe someday I’ll tell her that being more gentle with her dogs might be in everyone’s best interests.

I wouldn’t tell her that unsolicited.

But I may ask her take on world peace.


3 thoughts on “POWER WALKING

  1. I don’t like her already. Anyone who is mean to animals is on my shit list. You’re lucky you’ve got Spring. We have it hear today — 8 celsius (48F). But it’s starting to snow tonight and it’ll snow all day tomorrow and we’ll be back to below zero temperatures. I am starting to get cranky!!!

    • By Thursday we’ll be back down in the 30s in the daytime. I’m cranky but there’s no turning back now! 🙂 She’s probably okay, I just happen to jump a little when I hear how harsh she talks haha

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