He called me a loser -since the day I was born. He was uptight and angry -I never knew why. As a child I didn’t understand, not a clue. Him seething and nervous -me looking to run. I hadda learn early to walk on eggshells, and with finesse.  I still do. Is it because it’s best to walk this way? Are people too quick to anger, naturally fused to ignite?

Or is it just me?

Why do I invoke such reaction? Make them want to lash out and cut? He called me a scalawag- his child. He was impatient and dismissive, I never knew why- but now I understand most of it. I hadda learn to walk with head held and be firstly, true to myself. With unselfish grace. I just know how.  They call that a “coping mechanisim” right? Well no matter. Nowadays I don’t seem to inflame anyone much.

I upgraded the gene pool.



10 thoughts on “SCALAWAG

  1. I like the underlying inference to something else. It could mean he got rid of his father by foul means or it just simply is that by embracing self betterment your protagonist is unlikely to pass his father’s behaviour on to his own offspring. But given that Scalawags were deemed as corrupt I think Papa met an untimely demise.

    Good work Pete.

  2. Provocative & Well-written,as well as ‘admonishing’:  “embracing self bettererment” (Talia); “…1st, true to self”; “upgrad(ing) the gene pool”!

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