My day is less sunny without you
It’s raining and cloudy and the wind it’s so blustery
You took the sunshine the day that you left

When you left

I still picture your face
How it glowed
How it shined
It’s so bright in my mind
I can see
How it shined

On an overcast day
When the sun won’t come out
With you gone
And no more
Gone for good
It’s so gray

On a day like today
When there’s no chance of sun
It’s still easy to see
Feel the warmth
And be filled
To remember your face
How it shined.


4 thoughts on “SHINED

  1. “They” say that happiness is an inside job. But that’s such an easy thing o say; its probably true as in we have choices but we can gain much happiness by having that special someone with us.

    Have I gone to deeply into this?!! 😊

  2. There’s a saying that says, “Peace comes from within; do not seek it without”; I think everything comes from within because the journey starts & ends within us.

    Peace & Light

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