well is it so bad?
it gets you high and mellow
and helps people too

people who are sick i mean

it’s marijuana
we just don’t care as much now
not like we used to

not like the old days
when you could go to jail if
you had just one joint

maybe for years

it’s not the worst thing
there are bigger fish to fry
so we roll our eyes

are you against it?
or should it be legalized?
smoke some and tell me.


10 thoughts on “MARIJUANA

  1. Sweet question Pete. The hypocrisy around pot is astounding. Legalize it and let it go. We already have vices that are legal, and much worse for us. You know in all my days of partying it up, I never once saw anyone get into a fight while high. On alcohol? All the time. Decriminalization is the way to go, already done in other parts of the world. I got friends in British Columbia who live in areas of the province where pot is the biggest single industry… time to bring this aboveground.

  2. Legalization – an idea long past its time. Legalize medicinal hemp oil as well. It cures many forms of cancer! Doctors and hospitals who know the truth let people die, needlessly and in horrible pain, because they’d rather Burn cancer patients – including little children – than give up the hideous amounts of money they can make by leaving things as they are!

  3. Oh, I like the responses you got to this one! (And, really, All your comments to the responses you give/receive in all your writing). You have an engaging style of ‘presentation’. Maia’s dad is one of those once jailed for possesson.


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