everything’s changed nowwishes
be careful what you wish for
wishes do come true

but what when they come?
with the good bad and ugly?
does that cramp your style?

pining and praying
in agony and in tears
wishing and wanting

and then you wake up
and your whole life is different
it’s just how you wished

what then?



10 thoughts on “WISHES

  1. I don’t think many of us would be happy without something to strive for, some imperfection that can be made whole. That’s us. For those less fortunate, perhaps all they want is a few square meals, and for that I can imagine they would be very grateful. Perhaps then they would be at our starting point.

  2. Your last line nailed it! There will always be something; the satisfaction wont last, we will want something more or different. Its the wanting/not wanting monster that always seems to arrive 😊

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