Here’s to the brilliant
Those beautiful minds
The hidden
The downtrodden
And most of all the wallflowers
Those who are awkward
The shy
Yes the modest
The savants
And learned idiots too
Those blending in
And eager to do so
The quiet
Those secretly gifted
But overlooked
Those dismissed
Here’s to you

And to them
To the beautiful
I tip my hat
I bow down
To the invisible
And the weak
To the unrealized
And meek
I raise my hand
To the self-deprecating
And non-climbers
The self-sacrificing
The real rhymers
Here’s to you

And to them
The fragile
Oh so delicate geniuses
The cowerers
And cringers
The creepers
In corners
Minding their own business
Dancing their own rhythms
My ode is to you
Simply living for living
And doing for doing
And loving for loving
Doing something for nothing
Doing everything for something
Known only to you
Here’s to you

And to them
To the humble
And self-effacing
To the authentic
And the genuine and pure
To those who don’t know any other way
To the pretty flowers on the wall
Holding the secrets to everything
Keeping the universe to yourself
Clutching it closely to your breast
Here’s to you

And to them.


12 thoughts on “WALLFLOWERS

  1. What a beautiful and powerful message. I haven’t read anything of yours I haven’t liked, but this is now definitely one of my favourites. It is really lovely.

    • Thanks. You ought to, as an “exercise” you know. 🙂 It’s not that easy as I could always find better ones! Hope you had a good holiday and are looking forward to an exciting 2014!

      • You too Pete – all the best in 2014. You are one of the most stand-up people in this madhouse, I have to say, and one of the true talents.

        I might flip through my stuff. It’s way easier to sort out the garbage, to be honest.

      • Thanks for the nice words, yes a madhouse hahh But I’d be curious to hear what you think is your best writing of 2013. As a challenging exercise, you know. 🙂

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