A man like me
Is dead in places
If not for you
Is it wrong to say
That you awaken
Yet weaken me?
Make me alive
When I don’t feel alive?
More than survive
If not for you

Not fade but thrive

A man like me
Who’s given up
If not for you
Am I wrong to say
That you inspire
Invigorate me?
Make me believe
When I don’t believe?
Just can’t conceive
Not knowing you
Don’t ever leave
If not for you.



20 thoughts on “IF NOT FOR YOU

  1. I really like much of your work and this is one of my favorites. I was thinking after I read it that likely many of us are thinking you are referring to a romantic relationship…and maybe you are. If so, lucky you! But, you could also be talking about a mentor or about your own faith, overcoming fears and doubts, or the inspiration that fuels your poetry.

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