6:33am I can’t help but think of you. As the light starts to leak over the wide mountain ridge. As the day from its slumber begins. There are thick black clouds overhead but they”ll burn off, they say. Winter looms in all its glory around the bend, but birds still tweet. Resilience. You must be lying there in your room, sleeping but stirring, all cozy wozy and warm with the covers pulled over your head maybe.

It’s cold out.

9:00am I can’t help but think of you. You threw those cute pajama bottoms on the floor and must’ve crossed town by now and are finally at your desk as business begins. It’ll take you all around I know. All kinds of people will see and talk to you and there’ll be bustle and you’ll be easy to smile and laugh how you do.

That’s what you do.

12:00pm I can’t help but think of you. The lunch you might be eating and the lunch I’m gonna make for you and the food and nourishment and hell lots more you give me. It feels almost hot out here midday what with the way December is as it slowly but steadily inches ahead, and all that comes with that, and the world’s still whirling and sometimes nasty but all the goodness in people has to make up for that right?

Like the goodness in you.

3:00pm I can’t help but think of you, but I’ve thought of you enough already and have other things I need to have on my mind. That’s what happens.  The day’s been good but for your pulling on me, and there are Christmas cards to write and a tree to trim and distractions, you know. The living of life. You’ve gone all day on your way and maybe you’ll tell me about it later, but right now I need a break.

5:30pm I can’t help but think of you when I answer the door to your face looking at me and I no longer have to make due with just thinking.



4 thoughts on “THE DAY’S BEEN GOOD

  1. Did I not say how much I enjoyed this? I lived it with you. You had me at “I can’t help but think of you.”

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