a rigmarole
and confusing state of things
a conundrum too

a riddle and box
not easy to solve or to
climb out of either

a joke and a hoax
and no one’s laughing but god
i know you’re not, right?

he or she must have
an oddball sense of humor
or maybe he’s it

god could be an “it”
because who the hell knows why
things play out some days

as they often do
seemingly illogically
and without reason.



5 thoughts on “NO ONE’S LAUGHING BUT GOD

  1. Perhaps he/she/it have other things on his/her/its mind than us puny mortals. Or perhaps we are bacteria living in his/her/its digestive tract, and thus not anything he/she/it could pay attention to if he/she/it wanted to. Wouldn’t that be a lark. We sit about and eat and mine the earth in order to convert it into a form that can be accepted by the bloodstream of a deity. Can’t eat raw grains? Don’t worry, the humans will consume it and convert it into carbon dioxide. Can’t process oil? Don’t worry, the humans will combust it for you. Such are the days.

    Good morning Pete.

  2. Maybe it’s not one being. maybe we’re dealing with a committee. If you think about it, there is a helluva lot for just one being to deal with, right??

    Regardless, he/she/it:they sometimes have a very warped sense of humour, I think.

  3. most days I am not laughing…on those days that I do life is so much sweeter. wish I could hang onto that oddball sense of humor more often.

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