Hector felt like he was getting bedsores. But just turning over was a huge chore, exhausting. And he was in the hospital anyway, isn’t that what you’re supposed to do there? Stay in your bed trying to sleep it off,  while a worker comes in periodically and takes your blood, another comes in and checks your vitals and puts them in the computer, doctors come in from time to time to give you the old poke and prod, and breakfast and lunch and dinner are most eagerly anticipated?

May as well just go with the program.

He had a visitor today which was nice-a good friend-and it lifted his spirits. He felt motivated to take a walk in the hallway, with his pole holding his bag of saline in tow. Hector hadn’t seen the outside of the room yet, as they brought him up on a gurney and he paid zero attention. So it was nice to say hello to everyone and check out the scene.

“Feeling better Hector?” asked the funny and charming nurse of the day. “Nice to see you up and around.”

Hector blushed and shook his head yes. His friend was going on about something then she interrupted herself, “You know Hector they asked if I was your wife when I came in.” And she laughed.

He laughed too, which was never hard for him anyway. “That’s pretty funny, I guess they figure since no one else came.”

“That’s okay you’ll be out of here before you know it and as good as new.”

“Well I’ve never been in the hospital, it’s exhausting,” he joked. “Shoot I’d never been sick a day in my life before these last few years and it’s just been nothing but relentless.”

They rounded the bend on the way back to his room. “Well I’ve been lucky,” she said, “I’ve never been sick myself either. I feel I’ve been blessed.”

“Then I must be cursed.”


4 thoughts on “CURSED

      • Yeah but it’s stuff like this that makes me wonder and start conjecturing. I love doing that with real people; I love doing it more with fiction. I don’t need answers to be happy; I just need ideas, and the reason to have them. Dare I ask that you continue this? Is that in the cards?

      • I have a few down on their luck people like this Hector, they always rear their heads. 🙂 I guess in some ways they’re even like the same character. I’m not sure if I’d continue this. I don’t continue much haha

        Yes of course we conjecture, as well we should. If it makes you wonder that’s awesome. I think you’re stuff could be considered stories that “make ya wonder” 🙂

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