blondesI had Blondie in my head last night. While I was sleeping. Well I must’ve cause when I woke up and made way in the dark to the kitchen, I had flashes of Debbie Harry up on stage at CBGS’s. And back stage too where I had regular opportunity to mingle with her and that lot. I had no idea what I was doing. That was back in the day. As a twenty-one year old.

Tough blonde.

She was particularly confident and motivated and unaffected and seemingly content with what all she was doing. And pretty classy about it. That’s what I remember most. To this day it’s been validated ad nauseum of course, as her music and image do live on. Don’t you agree?

That she’s tough?

In the best of ways. Like that Gena Rowlands. Another tough blonde and I’ll fight you to the ground if you don’t think she’s beyond sexy. Yes things like this are important to me! And her toughness’s been affirmed, just like Harry’s, and for the same reasons mostly though Gena made some artistic choices later which don’t do her justice. That’s how I see it. But I can’t help but love her. Those gonads. Like the way in that movie she was so free to point that gun and the way she just hadda love that kid. That was when I first saw her.  Hell, that was nineteen-eighty. Thirty-three years ago.


So beautiful.

Tough blonde.

Truman Capote, yeh I’ll say it. He’s an idol of mine but not outside the books, and my exposure to him personally has been tough. I mean for me to get a handle on, the way he rolled.   Tough to accept, and yes Freud would have a field day. But he did let it all hang out, and for this he is brilliant- despite today’s historical recall of him mainly for In Cold Blood, which I’m so sick of that story and the back story. The fact he’s not remembered for Music For Chameleons (or I’m the one remembering) for me is tough. That’s my number two book of all time. For life.   I haven’t watched the recent biographical movies made because of that In Cold Blood. Well I’ve tried to watch several times, but quit out of disgust. His actual writing aside, and I can’t say for sure he’s born blonde, but I can say he’s tough. Especially as some of my writing has echoes of him.

I’ll just read him.

But not In Cold Blood. Tough, tough, tough just like you. I mean not for who you are, quite the contrary. You’re so easy and bring such delight. When you walk into this room I get giddy. Smitten is a word I’m embarrassed to use, so I won’t (I just did). There I go off on THAT again.

Another tough blonde.


5 thoughts on “TOUGH BLONDE

  1. I’ve never seen that movie. She was AmAzing! And then she yells, Taxi!

    Can Jo Beth Williams (Poltergeist) and Sigourney Weaver (Alien), brunettes though they are, become Honorary Tough Blondes for the way they defended their kids?

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