i look at the blank screen
my mind is blank too
nothing to say
that hasn’t been said
the same old diatribes
and pronouncements
and hyperbole
and a half

and more so

i look at the stark wall
my heart is stark too
an utter contradiction
of emotion
and road wear
of desolation
and the fear
that all that has been
is as good
as it gets

when did it come to this?

gazing to pass the time
reaching for what’s not there
emptiness the dominant theme
a barren landscape
where i vaguely remember
and can still feel deep down
the hopes and dreams and aspirations
that got stymied
now an abandoned, parched
and worn down chasm

know what i mean?

i look at my reflection in the mirror
maybe too long
and see the man that i’ve been
and the man that i’ve become
i see past glories and conquests
and how i’ve hobbled down the road
i see this and i know
that it’s all come to here
which means now that i think about it
there’s lots of room to build.


8 thoughts on “BARREN LANDSCAPE

  1. I’m glad you ended on a positive note. I think sinking to the depths of despair is healthy, Pete. We have to go there to access whatever it is that lurks thereabouts. There are wells and fountains and unimaginable springs of inspiration out there, but I think we have to dig deep to fully realize them at times. Sameness is hell. Repetition is like being in purgatory. I’ll be watching for you to find your sea legs and build.

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