Town to town the road is clear
No traffic lights for miles
There is no need for gasoline
Forget all of your trials

Six o’clock the sun’s gone down
The sky’s an amber glow
I’m thinkin we could get some grub
I’m starvin don’t ya know?

Mr Christie said today
That traffic was too bad
He really doesn’t have a clue
And feels a little sad

You and me together now
Has tickled me so pink
It’s really cool, it’s got me jazzed
It hardly doesn’t stink

Unemployment health care too
The TV says it’s true
That someone’s gonna have to pay
I’m thinkin me and you

Town to town from here to there
The air there is a chill
We’ll build a fire later on
And forget all of that swill

The grocery store just down the road
Was robbed the other day
It’s really sad what people do
That’ll all I’m gonna say.


2 thoughts on “SWILL

  1. It is just unbelievable, isn’t it? They should all be ashamed of themselves. It’s too bad it’s not happening in the private sector. They should all be fired.

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