i’m feeling modern
hip and contemporary
up to the minute

so up to date here

throw in new fangled
the things i go on about
too much nowadays

can I hear amen?

a latter day swank
if that were only the case
funny irony

isn’t irony funny?

i go for classic
and aspire for timeless
from any old time


and unassuming
with a nod to so many
and to no one.



8 thoughts on “TIMELESS

  1. Hey old friend! Nice one! I wish there was a way to message off post but I’m curious if you worry about anyone stealing your stuff. Funny conversation recently with some other writers. Thoughts?

    • They can steal it if they want it! Just kidding, but I’m not sure I have an opinion on the subject unless I bust someone! I have a date/time stamp when I publish on WordPress or Facebook, so if need be can show my copyright (it is a legal copyright). If you email me at petearmetta at yahoo we can discuss (or you can educate me).

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