I see them every Sunday
Those fine people going to church
Dressed like they mean it
Sauntering down the street
Arms swinging
Heads held high
Going to the holy land
Fine people

Going to church. I have a random memory of being a small child and sweeping the driveway. My dad looked over my shoulder. He started into how my way of sweeping was the WRONG way. He did this a lot. The whole breathing down the neck, with lots of input as to the hows and whys of it, with full-on instruction on how to stop from messing up, which was always naturally diametrically opposed to whatever I was doing. I don’t remember him ever picking up a broom of his own.

And those fine people
It takes them time to get dressed for the Lord
They aren’t doing much but walking
But sometimes smile or wave hello
No need for more as they’re busy on their way
I see them every Sunday
Fine people going

To church with no confliction. It’s exactly what you see. No right way or a wrong way or anything more. It’s simple. Yesterday one of these fine people walked by and an old man came from the opposite direction. He looked gruff and impatient and said under his breath “All you fine people going to church, you know it ain’t gonna do you a hill of beans of good,” and something more inaudible, and likely derogatory. Certainly not encouraging. Then he continued out of sight. Apparently not to church. There’s another one who doesn’t do and can’t let those who do just do.

Fine people do fine.
Spitzweg, Der Sonntagsspaziergang - Spitzweg / Sunday Stroll / Painting - Spitzweg/La promenade du dimanche


10 thoughts on “FINE PEOPLE

  1. Oh I love this Pete.

    It brings to mind two quotes – “live and let live” and one I saw on fb the other day – “God is an experience, not a set of rules”.

    This is a great reflective piece. :). 🙂

  2. There are just some people who aren’t happy unless they’re miserable; and making everyone around them miserable.

  3. Love it. Did this really happen with that man? My mom was pretty much like the dad in this story (or real dad). She’d yell at me for how I wasn’t doing something right, but she’d actually take the broom from me and do it herself. Later, she’d complain that no one ever helped her do housework. Heh. 😉

  4. Wow. You beautifully kept me a bit off balance. Didn’t quite see how things were connecting until, well, until you connected them for me. Really nice.

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