more bees with honey
more than with vinegar right?
flattery does work

it can get you everywhere

carry a small stick
while speaking very loudly
it’s hard to be nice?

too machiavellian

cut off your nose too
this despite your face too bad
being kind does work

and is tactical

it’s manuevering
diplomacy a virtue
that’s artful but shrewd

however it’s carried out

so much for a stick
and never speaking softly
or you would go far.


3 thoughts on “MACHIAVELLIAN

  1. I used to like the idea of catching flies with honey, until I met my mother-in-law. Heh. She is extra-sugary sweet and uses it as a means of manipulation to get what she wants out of people. This way, you can’t say ‘no’ to her. If you do say ‘no,’ you look like a horrible person for saying ‘no’ to such a “sweet little old lady.” 😉 Not that other people aren’t genuine, but dealing with it for close to 30 years can leave a person wary. (Yes, Marie Barone is my mother-in-law)

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