Pete Armetta


Who’s To Say
Mountains and Rivers
Prophets and Sages
Off Of My Mind
Always The Sky


Tend the garden
No need to do too much
It’s been planted
A little water
Here and there
And lots of light
Will do the trick

It’s been planted
It’ll grow
That’s what it does
No need to do too much
But tend it
And those weeds
No matter what we do
They rear their ugly heads
A little each day
Get down and pull

It’s been planted well

Now just tend
Maybe free up the soil
Let the roots get some air
Or move something
Somewhere brand new

A change of locale

Where things are sunnier
That often works
I know I’ve moved around lots
After planting

During tending
And not anything more.



Of you I am curious
With restrained fascination

I am utterly enchanted
You’re unorthodox and peculiar

And idiosyncratic
Neither logic or reason

Could explain how you tick
Or account for your ways

You’re off-color, atypical
And a breath of fresh air

In a world where it stinks
And it’s stale, hard to breathe

My fire is kindled
And my senses are muddled

“I am humbled,” I mumbled
And bumbled for sure

I am helplessly imprisoned
I am caught and ensnared

For this I am flummoxed
In shackles I am chained

Your enticing eccentricities
And uncompromised singularities

Leave me only beholden
As you simply amaze.



woke up today
the world i see
some sun not gray
a pretty day
i could be wrong
who really cares?
but could be right
well who’s to say?

slept great last night
had vivid dreams
walked through my past
it didn’t last
woke up and pondered
where i wandered
ain’t life grand?
well who’s to say?

who’s to say?
certainly not me
hey who’s to say?
them her or he
well who’s to say?
we sit in wonder
at this blunder
who’s to say?

wow you and me
we are so free
we live we laugh
we love we shove
we do the best we can right now
well who’s to say
it’s wrong somehow?



i’m at a loss for words
of the kind that impress
or titillate or move

mountains or rivers
that make you think twice
the words that i say just can’t move

mountains and rivers
don’t hear me at all
move rightly just fine on their own

i’m at a loss for words
but of mostly ideas
that move mountains and rivers or hearts.



You speak in euphemisms and delicacies and fabrications. With such bombastries and pomposities and grandiloquences. What’s with this false front and the put-on high-handedness? And the whispering down the alley and talking in innuendos and riddles and smoke and mirrors and this gosh-darned twisting up in tangles?

I wouldn’t know.

Smug yes I am I’ve no doubt that it’s true. And of my own volition and choice and free will- to do what I want when I want and how I want.

Is that freedom?

A manifesto with gusto and musto that’s meaty, with substance not trifling or lightweight like a feather. Nor inconsequential as one could stake one’s life on it. Nor flimsy and frothy as one could state it breathlessly.

Or not.

No need. If not for these immodest theatricalities and overwrought rhetoricalities and never-ending trivialities and trumperies and strumpets, and the brow-beaters and the drum-beating, getting beaten up and beaten down and eaten up alive.

Have you noticed the run on chill pills?

Oh for the philosophers and prophets and sages. All hail the self-appointed gurus and seers. Bow down to the wolf-criers and pot-stirrers and snake-oilers. Relent to the rabble-rousers and concubines and show boaters.



hey there
tell me you love me
you can’t live without me
you know that you want to

hey there
tell me you’re crazy
you’re thinkin about me
and never would doubt me
you know that you have to

a long strange road
this me knowing you
you can’t tell me not
you know you don’t need to

we’ve come this far
this me and this you
much too long a distance
so just tell me now

yes hey there
you hear how i’m feelin
i can’t live without you
who says that i have to?

hey there
you know that i’m crazy
i can’t get you off of my mind.

By Jera Sky


dreams and notions
of a world
where loving kindness
lacking blindness
seas and oceans
thoughts unfurled
of peace and mercy
seize this day
where friend and foe
both stand and say
we’re not divided
not shortsighted
none derided
come what may.



i need more time
more time to reconcile my life
do all the things i want to do
all the things i said i would
all the things i should

i need more space
more space to be as big as i feel
to grow into what i see myself as
to stretch as far as i possibly can
to reach while i’m still able

grasping and pining
trying and more
sun up then down
go to bed out the door
more often than likely
the end is the case
to run out of time
even worse out of space.



turn your face to the sun
if it comes out

turn your back to the wind
if there’s a breeze

turn your mind to the sky
at night if stars do twinkle

move along sail away
if you can

you will always have me
waiting here

there will always be more
waiting there

you will always the sky
at night when stars do twinkle

sail along get away
when you can.



reap what you sow
if you’ve sowed
have you sown?
feel the air
it is time
for a harvest

it dwindles each day
that’s the light
see the light?
cut and cull
bring it home
during harvest

it’s time now
to savor the flavor

to indulge
on the fruits of our labor

there’s apples and figs
they just drop from the trees
grapes off the vine
make the wine if you please
pumpkins so heavy
for pie or to carve?
so much that’s fresh
it’s a wonder some starve

garlic and basil
tomatoes they say
fresh from the plant
to your mouth is the way
give what you take
it’s our bounty ya know?
before the first flake
gotta harvest then sow

all is planted and tended
all that tending
have you tended?
eat and drink
yeh i think
a good harvest.


All poems unpublished but  Shackles, Mercy, Prophets and Sages: Gadfly Magazine, 3/13
All visuals used for representational purposes only but “Off Of My Mind” by JeraSky




Here’s to the brilliant
Those beautiful minds
The hidden
The downtrodden
And most of all the wallflowers
Those who are awkward
The shy
Yes the modest
The savants
And learned idiots too
Those blending in
And eager to do so
The quiet
Those secretly gifted
But overlooked
Those dismissed
Here’s to you
And to them
To the beautiful
I tip my hat
I bow down
To the invisible
And the weak
To the unrealized
And meek
I raise my hand
To the self-deprecating
And non-climbers
The self-sacrificing
The real rhymers
Here’s to you
And to them
The fragile
Oh so delicate geniuses
The cowerers
And cringers
The creepers
In corners
Minding their own business
Dancing their own rhythms
My ode is to you
Simply living for living
And doing for doing
And loving for loving
Doing something for nothing
Doing everything for something
Known only to you
Here’s to you

And to them
To the humble
And self-effacing
To the authentic
And the genuine and pure
To those who don’t know any other way
To the pretty flowers on the wall
Holding the secrets to everything
Keeping the universe to yourself
Clutching it closely to your breast
Here’s to you
And to them.



11 thoughts on “TEN POEM MANUSCRIPT

    • Thanks. It’s hard to choose the ten right ones and hard to say it’s DONE without obsessing over it and replacing, changing poems. So I appreciate you scrolling! 🙂

  1. Wow! I have read them all like 4 times and each time I say “I love this one”, until I read the next one. Bravo!

      • I actually do think they work as a collection. Probably not expressing this properly, but … there is some aspect of love and admiration and awe and gratitude and growth in all of them — whether it’s towards self, or others or nature. They’re not innocent, but they’re honest. They’re not gushy but they’re appreciative. They’re not unrealistic but they’re positive. Before answering your question I read them all again. I still really love them, maybe even more.

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