are not what they’re cracked up to be

and chastity
and charity
these words can cause hilarity

they’re out of date?
then why create
more challenges that won’t abate?

like patience
also temperance
and honesty which does make sense

with kindness
and yes diligence
so not in vogue not ever since

remember courage?
justice too?
not worth the effort or expense

a sense of honor
not expected
not respected
just react
no thought to being virtuous.


12 thoughts on “VIRTUOUS

  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but you need to get some of this stuff into song form. I get a spoken work/near-rap vibe out of this, and some genuine anger that I could see alongside a blazing guitar. Ever heard Wondering by Does it Offend You Yeah? I hear that song when I read this. I don’t know why, but that’s where my head goes.

  2. This is fabulous. And I agree, this should be in song form. The world needs to hear this, for sure.

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