I enjoy silly string more than the average person. I laughed when Anderson Cooper got scared by the fake Bigfoot. The lady in the library’s smug for some reason. They’re mowing down trees and building roads and putting up stores and the weather’s nice and there’s lots of activity all around. I had giggles yesterday when the postman asked me if I knew where John Taylor lived and I told him no. Then told him I was just kidding. He smiled and gave me my mail this all before my appointment downtown with that big time hotshot loud-mouthed lawyer. I can’t stand him. But everybody’s got their quirks right? He’s the kind you want on your side when you get yourself in a situation and I’m in a situation so that’s what matters. His antics are worth the price of admission.

To me anyway.

I brushed my teeth with that old fashioned Pepsodent toothpaste. It’s nice being frugal when three-dollars more for the high-end toothpaste doesn’t amount to a hill of beans of difference in the scheme of things is the case. So many interesting facts. Like I got myself all cleaned up and wound up sitting slumped over in a fancy leather chair in that fancy lawyer’s office in that fancy historic row downtown of fancy quaint federal-style houses. Interesting facts there with supposed dead presidents having slept around close by and him talking about everything he does and who he talks to what he’s up to while I’m paying him right?

You know what I mean.

Not much good customer service nowadays. That from a “bygone era”. I remember it though, I do. I read something funny about how a guy thought it was an actual prank, like a hidden-camera situation, when he called Netflix customer service and the associate was so polite and helpful and REAL was how he put it, that the caller in his right mind couldn’t believe he was dealing with an actual customer service person in this day and age. That’s what he said. Interesting fact when a nice phone call is the exception rather than the rule doncha think? Well anyway yeh so I dealt with that fancy lawyer and all his trappings then became transfixed by the cute little caboose on his secretary the SPLIT INSTANT she gave me the high four-figure damage so had no choice but to reach for my checkbook. That’s how it went down. Won’t amount to a hill of beans of difference in the scheme of things like I said really when they’re mowing down trees and building roads and putting up stores continuously is how I see it, all around me, every day.

Interesting facts and details. Like that silly string. What, that was forty years ago or so right? And I got me some cans! I sprayed it on a few well-chosen people. They were not amused. I busted out laughing like nobody’s business! I don’t know, I couldn’t contain myself. Were they scared the string would be permanent?

That was their expression.

So I finally got home and the wife did her thing. I mean what with the dinner and putting the kids down and managing the house like she always claimed she’d be good at doing. She made chicken potpie which is fine enough, although I’ve eaten it like a gazillion times! Yeh she claimed she’d be good at all that back in high school when I met her. She boasted she’d be the best homemaker, her Momma boasted that too back then. My Daddy even said “Son you better latch onto that one I mean being she’s boasting she’ll cook and clean and take care of you from now ’til forever you don’t wanna let her slip through your fingers.” So being she boasted and her Momma boasted and my Daddy encouraged it, once I married her I just let her do it her thing all these years. Interesting facts right? What did I know? She ain’t boasting so much anymore but the way I see it, she talked herself into it. I ain’t got no complaints!

She does a good job.




5 thoughts on “MEET JOHN TAYLOR

  1. After I got over my disappointment that it was not John Taylor bass guitarist from Duran Duran whom I was to meet here I rather enjoyed it 😀

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