the day is coming
the date lives in infamy
it’s the eleventh

just can’t get past it
can’t ever live it down here
every september

they say to never forget
but how could we right?
with life so different now since?

things changed forever
not ever the same
not since that first eleventh

how many years now?

here it comes again
i can’t help but remember
how it was before.


9 thoughts on “DIFFERENT NOW SINCE

  1. Impossible to forget. I remember where I was, what I was doing when I heard and I know I always will. How innocent we all were. Who could even have imagined such an atrocity. Except the madman who changed the world forever.

  2. i have to admit, when i first began to read your words, i thought the you were dreading the 11th because of the proximity to the upcoming friday the 13th and thought you were perhaps a superstitious person. as i read on, i saw that you were focused on the 11th itself, a date and a feeling of shocked sadness that i will never forget. interesting what first impressions can be, when compared to seeing the whole picture –

  3. It was the sirens that woke me up that morning, I’d just had surgery on my shoulder and was sleeping late, but those sirens were everywhere, even though I live in NJ I’m close enough to NYC to hear the unending sirens and I immediately turned on the television just in time to find out a plane flew into the WTC and witness the 2nd one hit.
    Driving my car down to the water and actually seeing the buildings collapse in front of my eyes.
    Having the FBI come to my house to interview me because the chemical plant I worked for at the time had an odd incident in July by someone we later found out was checking out our plant as a possible target, I myself spoke to the man and he creeped me out big time, there was something evil about him.
    Scrambling all day long trying to contact the people I know who worked there, as well as my brother who was on a plane from Boston to California which departed the same time as one of the planes that attacked us; and it will never leave us, that horrible day; for weeks the smell was in the air and for months I could see from the corner of my street a straight on uninterrupted view of Fresh Kills, seeing truck after truck after truck dumping everything from the WTC, all those murdered people, all those unfinished lives, nothing will ever allow me to forget that horrid day….

    Oh and Pete, I keep trying to ‘like’ this post but it won’t let me, I’ll try again later but consider this not only ‘liked’, but ‘loved’ 🙂

    • Very scary and creepy yes wow. I’m sure you saw it over the bay there, I can just picture it from your description! I worked in Bethlehem, PA which is 80 miles west of NYC on 80. I was walking with a co-worker to the cafeteria at 8:30 and we stopped in front of the cafeteria where a crowd was watching the big TV there and watched the first plane hit, and then the second. It was the tallest building in town and I went back up to the 12th floor where I worked and saw the smoke rising from NY until 11am we were sent home. And here we are.

      Yes I see you “liked”, very cool! 🙂

  4. Wonderful tribute to a tragedy never forgotten, Pete…thanks for sharing..it’s still so unbelievable even after all these years and my family wasn’t directly involved. I can’t begin to think how those who lost loved ones managed to pick up the pieces and move forward…

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