reap what you sow
if you’ve sowed
have you sown?
feel the air
it is time
for a harvest

it dwindles each day
that’s the light
see the light?
cut and cull
bring it home
during harvest

it’s the season
to savor the flavor

to indulge
on the fruits of our labor

there’s apples and figs
they just drop from the trees
grapes off the vine
make the wine if you please
pumpkins so heavy
for pie or to carve?
so much that’s fresh
it’s a wonder some starve

garlic and basil
tomatoes they say
fresh from the plant
to your mouth is the way
give what you take
it’s our bounty ya know?
before the first flake
gotta harvest then sow

all is planted and tended
all that tending
have you tended?
eat and drink
yeh i think
a good harvest.




12 thoughts on “HARVEST

  1. Have you heard about Ron Finley? He’s from LA and he’s planting vegetable gardens in vacant lots. He gave a TED talk. It is absolutely fabulous. Nobody should be going hungry. You should google him. You’d be all over what he’s doing, I am sure.

    • I haven’t heard of him but thanks! My summer writing is becoming quite redundant haha for those who read me. Same theme, but hopefully a little lively.


      • I am enjoying it :). You should check him out. And also look for his TED Talk. You will love it, I just know it. And you will love what he is doing with urban farming.

  2. Oh I love this!!! Its definitely one of my faves of yours! A neighbour has just given me a huge bag of gorgeous ripe damsons. They are sweet to eat as they are but I am stewing some today to make crumble!!

    Im remembering a hymn as a child, “We Plough the Fields and Scatter” (the good seed on the land).

    Of course reaping and sowing goes deeper too! 🙂 and don’t we know it! 🙂

  3. Perfect words for today! You see, I harvested 10 gallon-sized ziploc bags of basil today and distributed them to some coworkers. And I still have more left to pick and turn into pesto.

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