I have a strange thing happening, and quite unexpectedly. I’ve become a Corn Maze person. I’ve been looking at photos of them too much and imagining them and want a trip ASAP. Maybe it’s a fall thing?

Don’t you wanna go?

There’s one close by, well about a half hour “up the line” as they say. It’s the intricacies of the maze that spark the imagination. The idea of entering the maze with confidence and walking the trail to only a dead-end. Time invested, sure. Time lost, not. The only choice but to stop and regroup, backtrack and reevaluate, with the most grace and resilience you can muster.  Kind of an analogy for life.

Take a deep breath, put on your biggest smile, and turn on your heels.

It’s a corn maze!

Some call it “maize”. Yeh, it’s like a whole thing. Farmers, particularly in the east of England but also across America and the world have created these mazes to lure tourists. Farming isn’t what it used to be right? How about a little agri-entertainment?  Hey, everybody needs a chance to make a dime no matter their circumstances and this one’s ingenious. Hayrides, pumpkins, petting zoos, fresh apple cider, dunking booths- even the performer lady who goes by the moniker The 350-Pound Dancer. She’s quite erotic I hear. All this in addition to the main attraction.

Why talk about corn mazes?

Why not. Fall’s not here but it’s making its way. The evidence is there. As an avid, urban guerilla (at the moment) landscaping person making my rounds, I can’t help but see it in the earth.  It’s an exciting time particularly as in this climate where fall is a second coming of spring, with plants and flowers that bloomed then making a comeback. It doesn’t hurt that this is one of the coolest and wettest summers I remember.

Where’s ninety-degrees?

Okay, no weather talk! It’s true I go on about the weather forecast lots and how it fits into the very large scheme of things. I do. And other than not wanting to be known as “that guy who writes about the weather” (though maybe a niche?), September and the world turning to fall is something to talk about. The kids are waiting on the corner for the school bus. There’s a quickening of the pace and a skip in the step and the leaves are falling and apples are too.  Folks are returning from summer vacation, both literally and figuratively. The scene plays out the world over. People are getting back to their business.


Hey I’m not trying to close the book on summer, quite the contrary, I perennially hardly acknowledge it’s over (though people tell me). Even at Christmas I’m in strong denial, still wearing shorts and planning picnics! But it’s in September when the air turns cooler and the darkness comes earlier, that there are THINGS TO DO.

Shake it up!

I don’t know what I’m writing about today. Yeh sure, the seasons change and so do we, uh huh.  And now that I think about it, I’ve done an awful lot of “things” this summer. I’ve challenged myself in many ways, mostly existential, often to my own chagrin. Looking back I’ve hardly been truer.

To myself and to you.

So that’s what I’m writing about. There’s still lots missing. Well the things I think about: the things in my mind that are “wrong” and won’t be fixed; the things I aspire to where I spin my wheels; forever working on relationships that are so important, seemingly in a kind of vacuum. So many trails and dead-ends. Time to regroup, backtrack and reevaluate, with the most grace and resilience I can muster. I’m still filled with wonder. Still. There’s much good to do under the sun. They cut down the mazes in November.

Corn Maze! I can’t help but kill with a metaphor.


17 thoughts on “CORN MAZE

  1. I love the start of a new season whichever one it is; like mini new beginnings with enthusiasm for new projects.

    Not sure whether mazes excite, scare or frustrate me, I must try one, its years since I have! But I like the analogy! 🙂

  2. love the seasons, have done a maze or two in my time, a delightful experience, and i’m happy that you classify yourself as a guerilla gardener and are finding your true voice. all good.

  3. Excellent essay Pete. The only Maize Maze I’ve ever been in had stalks so thinned out you could stroll off to the toilets and find your way back to where you left off. And no, it wasn’t in Ireland.

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