it goes on and on
conflict and turmoil and such
on and on and on

how much more is there to take?
dreams dashed and thwarted

does that mean to stop dreaming?

on and on and more
the same thing day in and out
blaming this or that

and needing to find
a logical conclusion
maybe a reason

what’s god’s great plan here?

on and on he goes
fulfilling something greater
than all that we see.


14 thoughts on “ON AND ON

  1. The sentiment is admirably expressed and one can only hope that the poet’s head is undamaged from banging it on that particular brick wall.

  2. Good question. Wish I had the answer. Sure is perplexing though. There’s a helluva lot that doesn’t make sense, that’s for sure. Maybe the answer is to stop trying to figure it out. Just go with the flow. Damned if I know.:)

  3. Perhaps it’s that we have all agreed to live in this reality we’ve co-created, and that it comes with Yin and Yang. Positivity and negativity, the battle between Good and Evil, all of these systems presuppose that the pattern is real and that we on the Good side are fighting with those on the Evil side. It seems to me that we can’t have one without the other, and it’s up to use to keep the balance, the tension, between the two. I’ve noticed that when something negative happens, the first reaction is, *how could God do this to me? Rarely do we hear the sentiment in reverse, and that is because here we get it right. As a parent, I love my child and want only the best for him, and why wouldn’t God want that for his children. He just stands back and lets us make our own choices (see * above). I’m with you, Pete, on the “flow”. Sometimes it’s easier than others, but the rewards make it worth the struggle.

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