it’s raining today
that’s nothing new though at all
we are in the south

where muggy is king
and the rest of the summer
will be real swampy

that’s for the most part

it was after nine
when i took the garbage out
when i hit the bed

well that’s what i thought
after watching the bats fly
away for the night

it was eight-thirty
and already pitch black out
my clock is screwy

that circadian rhythm

so comes the fall and
dinner at five in the dark
that’s coming real soon

then the holidays
when everything turns over
for twenty-fourteen.


7 thoughts on “CIRCADIAN RHYTHM

  1. I was noticing yesterday that, even though it’s early August, the sunsets come sooner every evening. I’m not ready!!!

    • ME EITHER. When you mentioned that like a week ago I hadn’t noticed but I definitely do now. Only because I think it’s 9:10 and it’s actually 8:35! NOT GOOD! 🙂

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