the street is quiet
that’s different and won’t last long
there’s hardly a sound

except cicadas

it’s way too early
everyone must be asleep
at home in their beds

no need for driving
at this moment am i right?
being it’s sunday

it’s nice to sleep in

dreamland is better
but i could stand in the street
right in the middle

this very moment.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


7 thoughts on “DREAMLAND

  1. I love early morning before the streets become alive. It’s my favourite time; and I’m happy to spend it in bed or even outside, with a cup of coffee. Just sitting there, coming to terms with the world, no one there but me. It’s a great time for walking on a beach, too. I feel a blog post coming on. Thanks …

  2. Even the familiar can be strange when changing perspective as you have accomplished here. The form is a judicious choice as the ‘pauses’ enhance the tempo and tone. The protagonist may be lackadaisical here but the poet is wide awake. Well done.

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