i need more time
more time to reconcile my life
do all the things i want to do
all the things i said i would
all the things i should

i need more space
more space to be as big as i feel
to grow into what i see myself as
to stretch as far as i possibly can
to reach while i’m still able

grasping and pining
trying and more
sun up then down
go to bed out the door
more often than likely
the end is the case
to run out of time
even worse out of space.


10 thoughts on “GRASP

  1. Something vaguely desperate about this one, Pete. Cool. It’s like that robot with his “I want more life, fucker”, and the “all I could do was sit there and watch him die” or the “how much time have I got” line, and of course hovering over it is a white bird and the question that we try hard never to ask ourselves: did we live a life worth living? Do we want more time because we didn’t or because we did? We are told that we are meant for enterprise, for commerce, for growth and economy, but that is not how we were born. Those are not the instincts that made us whole. But the evolutionary cycle, those are the thoughts that keep us well-fed and comfortable, and thus we get bigger and fatter and leave a larger signature, all the while slowly slowly running out of space, and by extension time. Time for us, time for me – “time to die”. I am quoting horribly here, but I like your poem and it got me thinking a bit.

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