nobody’s perfect
least of all me but you too
perfection’s fleeting

flaws and faults and foibles they
dominate the scene

and dot the landscape
dark clouds roll in and ruin
a perfect clear day

that’s how it seems to go here

well and everywhere
people thinking they have to
strive to be perfect

then wind up feeling crappy

everything going
off without a hitch going
smoothly without fail

nobody’s perfect

that’s where beauty lies
in knowing and accepting
and starting right here.


11 thoughts on “WHERE BEAUTY LIES

  1. This is fabulous; one of my favourites of yours 🙂

    I spent years in the grips of perfectionism. So glad the burden has gone – well it rears its ugly head from time to time, but thats because I havent got rid of it perfectly!! Ha ha :)!

  2. Such great words, Pete, but since I’m perfect, I can’t really relate! Hehe! I don’t even wish to be…life would be too boring, I’m assuming! Hmmm…maybe it would be nice to find out? Nah, life is good the way it is! Sorry for the rambling! Great poem and message! Have a good evening!

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