It’s a really calm Sunday morning. I hardly get a greater pleasure. The other night I celebrated the summer solstice my own way, simply by staying up late. I wanted to be one with the last light of the longest day. Seriously. Around 10:30 I gave it up for night and went inside, although the almost super moon and the people still up and about on the street made me have to drag myself. It did seem like everyone and their mothers too and maybe their cousins were outside. Ah summer. It’s corny but true but I felt a need to remember solstice this year and the plain acknowledgement of it and not being in bed was enough. No more hoopla necessary. I’m not hard to please! Too long ago (last year) I wrote something called That Day That Never Ends. It spoke of the day going on, but more importantly the WANTING of it to go on. So I went for that and didn’t want it to ever end and it did have said effect. But it’s calm here now two days later (the start of the third longest day? the sixth?). At 5:10am on a Sunday morning the cars cease and people are mostly sleeping.

I like them when they’re sleeping.

It’s drizzling. The occasional car does go by and the sound of their tires on the wet pavement adds a little texture. Sssss. The random person walks by too. I am somewhat discrete here tucked away on the porch but for those in the know I wouldn’t be hard to find. There’s a (gasp) bright streetlight that does light up the scene and being I’ve lived mostly in the country these last few years this does take some getting used to. I’m not complaining. I mean it doesn’t shine in my bedroom or interfere otherwise and from a security perspective can’t hurt.

Sometimes I’m practical.

That’s about it. I’m on the other side of the “big change” with moving, getting a new (for me) car, keeping up with and rearranging my landscaping and writing “schedule”, and getting settled. Whatever that means.  Add to this the usual honing of who the hell I am! And you know how it goes when life changes and turns upside down and there’s a period of disarray and upheaval and the constant, logistical “taking care of business”. Then the dust settles and there’s nothing much unusual to take care of and there’s a moment when you look around with some satisfaction and ask “now what?” Now what in that everything’s mostly put away, the party’s been had, the new car’s been delivered and God knows life is almost back to some semblance of normal.


And what’s normal? Not that there was ever any doubt we’d get here. The cat and I and you I mean.  But this has been the longest move I can remember. And this from someone who’s moved at least thirty times! But everyone needs some kind of excitement and for me moving is a personal rite of passage as I personally don’t have many others. And I’ve always been a firm believer in “moving on up” and embracing change when the time is right. I have to say from experience I’m the better man for it. So yeh for me it’s uh “special” and I can’t say I’m disappointed. A long time ago I learned to be “careful what you wish for” and learned more often than not it winds up bigger than expected.

I’m not disappointed.

So it’s time again to go forward and establish a new routine. Or the lack thereof at the moment. And like I said and again with the quotesies “that’s about it”.

It’s 5:50am. There’s a ridiculously loud cacophony of birds going at it. The bats are flying in and out of my belfry as I see they do around here and am told they always have. I’ve been beat up and spit out and am glad. The streetlight just turned off.

With a loud click.



13 thoughts on “STREETLIGHT

  1. Moving IS a rite of passage. Congratulations. It sounds like you’re really enjoying your new place. How’s the cat doing? We often adapt better to changes than they do. Does he like his new neighbourhood and the new digs?

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