I felt a little like Jesus yesterday and will again tomorrow. See of all things to “lose” while moving, the cord to the rechargeable shaver is most unexpected.  It’s a “gotta be around here” situation and will show up soon enough and I could BUY a new one but won’t. I’ll live. In the meantime here sits Jesus.

Day five no shave.

People do it. I don’t. It’s not a look I aspire to in the least. I miss the morning attack of the nubby shaver blades. It feels good! So it’s not just the look that’s out of character, it’s the taking the shave out of the shit, shower, shave, get-the-morning-rolling routine (add black coffee, cigarettes).

But I’m rolling.

Things are unpacked and my moving boxes out of the house- handed off to a nice young lady who’s also moving. I have most of my new switch plates up on the walls and am in no hurry for the rest. The traffic makes for a lot of noise around here, twenty-four-seven, and we’re talking all KINDS of vehicles, many with sirens and lights, and an inordinate amount of tour buses which during peak hours get backed up in front of my house and watch me sweat and work in the yard. That’s something new and I quickly learned to coexist, although looking up at curious faces looking back at me is a new one.

Animal in a cage.

Lots of people stream by too. Walking or jogging or pushing baby carriages or riding bikes or even throwing the random bag of garbage out of nowhere. Right now the weather’s dry, although the forecast is for rain, and the interactive doppler live map shows a ninety-percent chance for tomorrow. That’s shown in green. The grass is growing and I’ll hear lawnmowers today but not mine.

I don’t think so.

But maybe. I have other things going on so the grass will wait. I may get some of it in later on if the rain yields.

Oh, for the chance to finally edge!

Dirty mind.

My cat’s not much for the traffic but that’s the least of his concerns and is only the background to his current discombobulation. Some guys have been painting my apartment and it’s topsy-turvy inside, but they’re moving at an impressive pace and the job’s pretty much without flaw. They’re way better painters than I’ll ever be or wanna be. I oughta subcontract them on my next paint job.

Hey, maybe it’d work out better for everyone.

So the guys have been working steadily with all their bounding and banging around and the traffic is ongoing with the parade of life as the default. The cat’s world is turned upside down but he’s embracing it- DANGER.  Atta boy. He’s preferred outside mostly, found a dark spot under the front porch against the cold wall of the root cellar. Apparently he owns that spot now and feels safe to call it his “base” while pandemonium reigns elsewhere.

He’s very smart! Right now it’s 5:40am and quietest outside and the cat walks about freely, casing the joint, as he has for the past four mornings. He likes it! I mill about the yard, fussing about with things as I’m known to do.

Fussing with whatever.

I’d let you touch my face if you were here. I mean run your hand on what was stubble yesterday. Today it’s soft and downy and new. Nice!

So my cat owns the dark spot and has made several amazing bolts for it, whether a neighbors dog barking or a person turning a corner or a dump truck rolling down the street or a door slamming or could be anything.  He’s made a few beelines directly up the porch into the front door and up the steps too God knows why.


Soon everything’ll be in some kind of order. Upstairs’ll be looking good and quiet and in place. If you know me you know I do have a sensibility about such things. I get a rise. The cat’ll be acclimated and his territory marked, and because of who he is, he’ll be thinking he owns the joint and we rent from him and he’ll even be greeting people.

Funny funny.

In the meantime although I don’t have a curtain I’m gonna take a shower and when you see my face yes you may cross yourself.



11 thoughts on “TOUCH MY FACE

  1. Sound like you live in more of an urban area than before. Urban mountain man with that beard. Sounds like the beginnings of getting settled in. Good to read ya. 🙂

  2. Pete, it’s always all about the cat and whether the cat is happy. Yours sounds as if he’s already made the adjustment. Moving is the pits, but you sound as if you’re on top of yours. Congrats on the new razor and the new home!

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