good morning sunday
just like any other day
there’ve been so many

hello there summer
well it’s true you just got here
why’d you wait so long?

that’s june twenty-first
and the first day of summer
well officially

and the solstice too

northern hemisphere
not south of the equator
it’s getting cold there

days shorter and dark

sol is for the sun
and the stice part means to stop
from latin of course

sun stops in the sky

good morning sunday
the sun’s up at five
and yes so am i.


12 thoughts on “SOLSTICE

  1. Oh geez, I clicked ‘post comment’ and saw that I typed it wrong. That was supposed to say a WEE bit closer to the equator. How the heck did that k get in there? 😛

    • A little bit of time closer though, no? Yes your blogger friends are here sort of. I just moved and am caught up in home renovations and activity of all sort so not online much but will be soon! I have things (you) to read! Hope all is well. 🙂 Cloudy, sometimes!

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