i slept like a log
no a brick
no a dead man
i dreamt of a time
when a much younger man

on a plane heading west
at least younger
than today
i casually leafed through
a new york daily news

i sat like a stone
no a stiff
no a sentry
i pictured a time
soon enough far away

when i would be free
in the place
where i sat
casually leafing
through a new york daily news.


9 thoughts on “PLANE HEADING WEST

  1. there’s something about the way you put words together that makes me wanna take each word/phrase/sentence/verse/stanza/whatever and roll them around in my mouth so I can savor them longer….they leave a yummy aftertaste and linger in my brain…. or; fuckin’ awesome dude πŸ˜›

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