you make me wanna rip my eyes out
puke in my own mouth
and swallow it
you make me wanna cut off my own ears
and bleed down the side of my neck
bang my face against the wall
as hard as i can
slice open my chest
rip out my own heart
throw it on the floor
and stomp on it
some of the time.


14 thoughts on “SOME OF THE TIME

  1. This X-plains just How it’s been 4 me, lately… I am afraid To sleep… Love Your Bueatiful work, so much…<3 Xx

      • Duh! Anyone who says they haven’t is lying. You should watch “So This is 40” It’s a bit hard to swallow at times but basically it’s an exaggerated version of what we experience during relationships. At least for a laugh about it all. It’s potty humor, just a warning. I don’t know your situation but too many negative emotions might mean its time to cut ties?

      • I only asked as it seemed the comments were very “safe” and no one said “oh yeh I was so pissed off the other day…” or whatever. My situation is fine, luckily I haven’t felt mad like this in awhile but I sure the hell have and do sometimes in my mind when going donw memory lane you know. 🙂 I don’t know that show you talk about I’m sure it’s funny as hell!

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