Around 6am I went to the grocery store to use the Coinstar as I’m known to do and it was out of order. I jokingly and with feigned indignation dropped my tupperware of coins on the counter in front of the ready cashier and told her to “start counting”. Being the little darling that she is she launched right in, knowing full well I was joking but not caring, simply counting for the love of it and counting like a champ, as if in a timed competition, with dexterity and precision.

This despite my protests.

I shopped and listened to the counting at the register. It echoed through the practically empty store. I was horrified she was doing it, but grinned at the way she was showing her ass.

Then I bought beer!


12 thoughts on “COINSTAR

  1. Doing groceries at 6 am… shops open that early wow, good morning πŸ™‚ I had not heard of a coinstar, turn your change into cash, why is that and is that not the same?

  2. I love the sounds they make as the coins go down and the sound of it counting. it only takes 8p in every pound over here so not too bad

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