This just in: Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post reports that the U.S. Labor Department announced that “the economy has been steadily adding jobs, pushing the unemployment rate down to 7.5 percent from 7.6 percent.” Mr. Delaney adds, “The improvement won’t mean much to people without jobs, especially people who’ve been unemployed a long time.”

Which part is the news part?

Homeless News is on the case!  In the grand scheme of things we assume, as has Mr. Delaney, that “the improvement won’t mean much to people without jobs”. But Homeless News asks, what should it mean?  We know you’d like to know! And what’s the take for those with jobs? Personally we have no stake as we here at Homeless News aren’t “gainfully employed” as so defined, but we’re launching into a full investigation anyway after due diligence via those so employed (if that’s you watch out for a phone call). That from the horse’s mouth! A comprehensive update after Spring Pledge Drive.

If it’s news we cover it! Homeless News, your independent voice.

From OMG:  Oh my God, they caught KK catching herself on her iPhone squealing in horror at the toothless miniature carp eating the dead skin off the bottoms of her feet. Sister KK was seen laughing out loud and we here at Homeless News admit we too got a big chuckle out of this. And waxing monotone on the crisis in the Middle East are those dreadful folks over at NPR, informing us that yes indeed it’s still “ongoing” and droning on and on and real deep about it too. Today on cable those gotta-talk talking heads say healthcare is on the agenda and debated all that amongst themselves for a while, in urgent voices and with music inserted for heightened emphasis, interviewing the same politician sans celebrities then turning the cameras on themselves for more which prompted Homeless News to flip over to the Weather Channel whose only report was to expect the unexpected.

They got great charts!

Time lapse here. Send in your pledge. We’re not shoegazing.

Homeless News.


by Oskar at neontights.blogspot.com



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