you tell me what i need
i tell you i don’t need much

you tell me the things you think i should want
i tell you i don’t want anything

you tell me what’s best and how i should live
i tell you i’m already living

til i’ll die

you tell me who i am like i’m sitting here waiting to hear it
i tell you i’m actually someone quite different

you tell me a lot of things
that you pull out of thin air.thinair


7 thoughts on “THIN AIR

  1. Some people will always want us to be different, to change us to suit their idea of who they want us be!

    I think I actually used to try to be like someone else wanted me to be for fear of losing them; not anymore. If someone doesnt like me the way I am, thats their issue to deal with, not mine. Oh my, how I have grown up!! 🙂

    PS if I have missed any of your posts please forgive! My IPad went crazy and was unrepairable. I now have a new one! Yay! 🙂

  2. Well my equilibrium can get back to normal now that you have your new device! 🙂

    Anytime people say “you know what you need” to me or anyone I have to scratch my head.

  3. I figure if people spent as much time on their own lives as they do on mine their lives would be much more interesting then they obviously are.

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