don’t read my words
you don’t anyway
read between them
between each sentence
above and
below them


the looking is better
the white space is where

like here

the before and after
the pauses and
clauses and
phrases that stick out too

like a sore thumb

for some reason
and don’t belong there
they’re put in

without them we ain’t got no rhythm
just white space


remember up the road
away from here
in another place and time?
you’ll look back
and you’ll know why
or think you do anyway
and then you’ll think
that maybe you shoulda paused

and taken your time

and maybe even been more deliberate

and more thoughtful yeh that too
about the white space having been considered most of all

that’s where things happen.


7 thoughts on “WHITE SPACE

  1. Reading between the lines is where you find the most interesting writing and the most meaning, I find.

      • Not that you asked and we’ve probably already said it but I think the white space is about the stops and starts and pauses and how they play into things. In writing and conversation etc. the whole “what’s happening” there. Sometimes we pay attention and other times we don’t get it at all. In regards to “trickery” there’s nuance everywhere so in writing the white space is there for a reason which may not get across and in conversation/our daily lives there’s a lot to be read in body language and silence and in the pauses between people, whether we’re cognizant or not.

        I just wrote a poem and happened to think about it again. πŸ™‚ I guess I have time to think about such things haha

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