my house is haunted
i know, i swear, i feel it
bats in the belfry

the eighteen-nineties
that was a long time ago
an english basement

where the workers lived

well that’s the story
and those weren’t white people
they lived up the stairs

ran the businesses
in the center of the town
a stone’s throw away

bats in the belfry
ceilings that are way too high
ghosts that still live here.

Music by The Move- The Last Thing On My Mind, 1970

Soundcloud recording 4/25/13


12 thoughts on “BELFRY

  1. It upsets me that I couldn’t listen to the audio. Think it’s a problem with my net connection. Love the writing, as always, but always love to hear it read by you. Will try again later. 🙂

  2. Great reading! And thank you for clarifying for me how to pronounce the word “belfry!”

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