the faucet drips and drips
the sands land in the hourglass
the alarm clock rings too loud
the gas light goes on in the car
five shot dead in seattle
the sun’s coming up

the heat’s kicked on cause it’s cold outside
such a streak of illogical weather
a uruguayan bit the arm of a rival in liverpool
what in the world
makes people do what they do?

the hillside has greened
and the trend is for more
the flowers have bloomed
and the grass needs a mow
i don’t care about chechnya
it’s just more of the same
the fingers are pointing
a culprit to blame

i planted some seedlings
they’re apples it’s nice
they’ll grow in a spot
that’ll make you look twice
it won’t be for a while
not until we’re set straight
i’ll see you on that day
and it’ll be great.


8 thoughts on “CULPRIT

  1. Yeah, what does make us do the things we do? If only we knew. How different things might be. Or maybe not. Love the tree. It is beautiful.

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