I know all about it
The hours of silence
Your pacing back and forth
Mind racing
Never ending
To and fro
Here and there
All alone
How you are
What you do
Lonely life

I see it all over you
The wear and the tear
The years what they’ve done
Your heart hurting
All the time
As you smile
So alone
How you live
The way it is
Lonely life.


10 thoughts on “LONELY LIFE

  1. Very much how I all too Often Feel… Im like a ghost, nΓΆ other Person can See, ? I am like a ghost, living within this? Glassed in fishbowl of a reverie… Yes, i really appreciate, how you’ve captured, the emotion, within your Poem. Please continue all of your wonderful, empathetical, work.
    It Makes Me Feel, just that Little Bit less “Alone”… P.s, am still working Out where To Start, with My Own 1’st Blog… http://Seraphic~Sarah/@Wordpress.com.org

    Kindest Regard’s

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