we say we’re tolerant
that’s nice
that means we put up with things
things we don’t know about
or understand
or don’t necessarily like
or approve of
or relate to

does that change our heart?

or do we simply endure?
hold our breath till we’re blue?
till the situation passes?
sit as comfy as can be
denying our true feelings
conflicted and torn
with a smile on the outside
and discomfort on the in


till it all thankfully passes

we’re tolerant
open minded
accepting of it all
we’re so good
and yes noble
we’re superiorly evolved beings
who will tolerate and demonstrate
just how good and right we are for all to see
so we feel better.
Angry animal ... a monkey in India.


10 thoughts on “TOLERANCE

  1. You’re so right about not changing our hearts. We force people to be PC, but all it does is force them into hiding their true feelings. Then, we can’t be sure who we’re dealing with, or who we can trust. We can’t change someone else’s heart. Only someone’s own life’s path can show them how to change their heart, if they’re willing.

    • People say “I’m tolerant” as if that’s some sort of badge when although it’s nice and polite and everything, that’s all it is is polite. It’s not true acceptance in the heart. But again, not that there’s anything wrong with it. It’s certainly the right start!

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