the old gray mare
isn’t there a song about her?
ain’t what she used to be?
what’s that about
is she too old?
well it was something about kicking
i guess mad
had about enough
maybe just bored out of her skull
or simply seen it all

yeh maybe that

kicking on the whiffletree is how the song goes
many long years ago
not like it was today although maybe
so implying the old gray mare
is plain frustrated in general
and has been for a while
and is trying to make a break for it
getting all huffy
had just about enough
ain’t what she used to be
kicking on the whiffletree.



      • In my imagination. I conjure it and then I can kick anything. :). On another note entirely, I am no longer getting email notifications when you post. I used to and suddenly they just stopped last week. I hadn’t seen anything of yours so I went looking on your blog and there were 3 new posts. Have you changed anything in your set up?

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