sell yourself short
put yourself down
talk yourself up
turn things around
up by your bootstraps
and then up the creek
too harried to paddle
believing you’re weak

you’re braver
you’re smarter
you’re stronger
to me
you’re better
you’re bolder
and kinder
i see

not giving the credit
where credit is due
to thine own self be true

high disregard
low expectations
right from the start
running the race
limping out of the gate
half-hearted and empty
and leaving to fate

you’re better
you’re bolder
you’re kinder
i see
you’re braver
you’re smarter
and stronger
to me

ahead not behind
to the past bid adieu
to thine own self be true.


13 thoughts on “TO THINE OWN SELF

  1. I love this; it rings true for me.

    This is one of my favourite quotes but I find it very hard to do. I am better now, but I have always been an awful people pleaser. Something obviously to do with low self worth. Its crap really but I do find it difficult. .

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